LED G9s and LED G4s

LED G9s and G4s are specialty bulbs that go in various applications.

G4s can go in low voltage fixtures , puck lighting  for under cabinets , crystal fixtures, and garden Lighting. G4s are low voltage so they are normally limited in size and space. Regular LED G4s in the market are at max 20W halogen equivalent, hardly ever good on dimming range , and also are bulky in size and weight. Our LED G4s are smaller in size, great on dimming, both AC/DC compatible and are equivalent to 35W halogen bulbs. 

LED G9s are very tricky to buy normally. At LED Planet though we carry G9 7W and  in 3000K and 4000k and 5000K.  7W lineup is equal to 70W. The G9s that we carry are the best in the marketplace, dimmable , great on output and small to fit almost all application types.